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Re: Miserable clown loach

Posted By: Ed Averill <eaverill@rabidgames.com>
Date: Tuesday, 27 June 2000, at 12:15 a.m.

In Response To: Miserable clown loach (George Mason)

First, like the other posters have mentioned, it's too cold for the little fellow. 80deg. F works for my eight clowns.

Also, they don't like bring alone, it's stressful for them. Three is pretty much the acceptable minimum for them to be happy and healthful.

Third, hiding places are VERY IMPORTANT. If there's not a cave for him/her to hide in, the poor guy is going to be stressed even further. Clowns need to feel that there's somewhere they can run off to hide in to be happy - even if they hardly ever use it...

Finally, as others have said, did you cycle your tank for the three weeks before you put your loach in? They're pretty sensitive to water conditions and if you haven't, there's a fair change the ammonia spike or nitrite spike (if you get one, almost all cycling methods generate them) will harm and possibly kill him.

My suggestion: if you're still cycling the tank, take the little fellow back to the fish store and cycle with something hardier (like a pepper cory, I've cycled most of my tanks with them and they're tough as nails - I still have all of them). If you can't do that, be prepared to do large water changes and monitor the water chemistry pretty much daily until the cycle starts - when you see the spikes do enough of a change to bring the level down to something acceptable. If you don't have hiding places, build a cave out of slate pieces or buy a prefab and plunk it in. Lastly, as soon as the tank cycles and the chemistry is stable get two more (I know, I sound like a pusher, but it's the fishes health I'm concerned about here).

With a modest amount of work and investment you can have happy loaches!

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