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Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions, you all...

Posted By: Leroy <LeroyC333@aol.com>
Date: Saturday, 27 May 2000, at 1:55 p.m.

have been very helpful to me. I just have a few more questions though, for one thing, I have a fish atlas at home, and I am unable to find any Botia species under the names that you all mentioned, for example, I am unable to find Botia Rostrata, Botia Dario, and Botia Striata. Can you tell me if they are perhaps listed under a different name? The only types of Botia that my atlas lists are Botia lecontei, Botia lohachata, Botia macracantha, Botia modesta, Botia morleti, and Botia sidthimunki. Are the names that you mentioned perhaps the common name for those fishes and the names that I have listed in my book the scientific name for them? If so, can you tell me which common name cooressponds to which scientific name so I can identify the species? And also, what is a Skunk Botia? Since I am new to loaches, I have never heard of them before, are they the sidthimunki type of Botia? If not, can you tell me what scientific name they are listed under so I can locate it in my book? I would also like to know which Botias are the most peaceful and the least aggressive towards other species since I am planning to keep them in a community tank with Neons, some Corydoras, a Bristle-nosed catfish, a Clown Pleco, a Betta, and a Gourami. Can you tell me out of all the types of Botia that you guys mentioned which one is the least aggressive and the least likely to hurt the other species of fish? And since all of you guys recommended to me only Botia species and not any of the other species of Loaches I am assuming that the other species of Loaches such as the Chained, Clown, Dwarf, Hora's, Orange-finned, and Pakistani Loach are either all too big for my aquarium or do not eat a lot of snails right? Can you guys tell me why you chose to recommend the Botia species of Loaches over the other types of loaches? Which one is better for my setup, since I keep my community tank rather cool, at about 75 degrees, and I have a lot of other fishes in it? And in answer to your question Iris, yes I am willing to raise my temperature to 77 degrees if that is what the loaches require, but right now I have it at about 75 degrees because of the Bronze Corydoras that I keep in it. I thank you for all of your answers and welcome any input or information that you guys might have on the subject. It is all sorely appreciated, I can assure you. You have been very helpful to this beginner, and I will try to follow your suggestions. I look forward to your replies.


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