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Mr. Loach Now in New Home

Posted By: Ed Averill <eaverill@rabidgames.com>
Date: Thursday, 25 May 2000, at 11:24 p.m.

Ok, I went and rescued "Mr. Loach". He has a bit of an eye infection, and his fins appear to be shredded a bit, but nothing that I can't fix now that he's where I can take care of him. No fungus on the shredded fins, I suspect the several small to medium size angelfish in the lfs tank with him caused him problems - as well as the lack of hiding places, and the fact that all the rocks were the sharp-edged volcanic pumice that doesn't get the Loachkeeping Seal of Approval from me, for sure.

He's not in the best of shapes, but already after about 1/2 an hour in the tank all my current clowns have dropped by to introduce themselves and nobody has had even the least inclination to cause a fight. He (I assume, for now) is 6 1/4 inches long, Standard Length - with tail I'm not sure, I took him out of his holding bucket and plunked him into my 50gal. before I thought to measure him the rest of the way... sigh... it was amazing when he went in. He went and hid, then shifted from behind a plant to a mid-sized cave. All the other loaches in the tank got excited, and swam over one at a time to swim into the cave and check the new guy out! If this situation holds, he'll integrate into the group well. Even "Boss Loach" has dropped by for a hello and then left, no arguments started or anything...at least for now. Once he gets well and feels in top shape, I'll report again.

He's out exploring a little now. I've put algae tablets back in the area he seems to want to hang out in, and he's actually a bit smaller than I guessed - thank heavens! - and fits in all of the caves he's tried out so far, including the one I made especially for him (am I overboard on loaches or what?).

I'm going to treat the tank before I go to bed with some stuff to help out with the eye problem - it looks as if a wound got infected a bit - and to make sure that there's less of a chance for fungus to form on the shredded parts of his fins. I know I'm taking a chance with him not in the best of health, but from my examination and observation of his behavior at the lfs over the past weeks I have to guess he's been harassed by all the other fish in the lfs and and he had nowhere to hide at all! I'm 100% sure I can do a better job of taking care of him, at a minimum (no slight in general on the help at the lfs - SOME of the folks there are knowledgable - but they're not loachkeepers).

I want to extend a special thanks to Iris for the loan of a very clean transportation bucket and the trip to and from the lfs! The Loach Rescue Team strikes again!

I'm over the edge! This is worse than having a new kid, maybe I should take a tranquilizer or something...


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