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Re: Fwd: Clown Loach Problem -- Any ideas?

Posted By: Anne Webel <anne.webel@village.uunet.be>
Date: Tuesday, 21 March 2000, at 4:38 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Fwd: Clown Loach Problem -- Any ideas? (Jeannie Brodie-Telstad)

Hi and glad to meet you,

We seem to have ruled out all the 'common' problems, you are on the ground and are convinced that the fish is not behaving normally - even in loach terms :) so it's time to get more exotic.

Is the fish able to swim normally? That is to say, if you startle it or approach with a net, does it do a quick turn and a disappearing act? Can it swim head down for any length of time and speedily? Or does the head always tend to put itself towards the top, as if the fish were weighted down at the tail? If the behaviour is abnormal as described, then it might be a swim bladder problem, which can be caused by various (as usual) including wrong diet, eating to quickly, internal problems, etc. The only medicine I have ever come across which treated such, and not always successfully is ESHA 2000, which you probably can't find in the States. If you are in Europe, no problem. A new 'wonder drug' which is not meant (as far as I know) for swim bladder problems is Melafix. It is a *natural* product and I have been hearing only good about it.

If you have no natural plant matter in the tank, do you add vegetables such as lettuce, zuccini, peas etc. Loaches like some veg and it is good for them.

What are the faeces like? Long and pale, dark and short, sort of blobby? Have you tried soaking some of the flake in crushed garlic? (From what I hear, some fish go absolutely crazy for these - weird or what). Garlic can help treat internal worms which might, a far fetched might, be the problem. If you think the fish is constipated, you could try epsom salts as a laxative : 1 level teaspoon per 4 gallons of water. If you go with epsom salts I would do it in either a quarantine aquarium or a tupperware container rather than in the aquarium as it also changes the constitution of the water.

Hope this gives you some more ideas,


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