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I'm so happy... They are feeding!

Posted By: Faizal Husaini R. <sil_chleo@yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, 3 March 2000, at 5:15 p.m.


Just stop by to tell you guys that only nine of the cuties survived today ( from 17 specimens ) which indicates that the fish are quite hardy all of my Pearl Bagrid specimens from the first trip didn't survive the trip home. Most seemed to die from tail injuries of somekind. At first it appeared as if the fish was bitten by other fish and it gets bigger by the hour but this is not the case because I've tranfered the more aggressive species from my aquarium ( the pearl bagrid & king bagrid both are less than 3" ). The tail injury could be a sign of water deterioration, and i've found no other casualties when i added some rain water to the aquarium. And now for the good news. After trying various methods of feeding and rearranging the aquarium, they've finally eaten some food. I've tried giving them water lettuce, cucumber and various other food but they wont even taste it! Then I take a small rock, paint it with pellet, flake, freeze dried bloodworm and "Quaker Oats" and leave to dry in the sun. Then put the stone in the aquarium. It seemed like they love graze on it. And right now two of them are chasing each other around.

Of the 9 specimens left, 6 are quite big ( 2+" ) and the rest are less than 2". I think they live as pairs because they doesn't shoal together on the same rock, only one group of three shares a driftwood next to my powerhead.

I've reffered to the LOL archieve but sadly cant find any similar ones to the species I've collected. The ones that I've kept back then ( the ones I bought in Penang each costs $5.50 ) was similar to the "Unidentified Gastromyzon". Bought 12 of those cute things but sadly all died within a month. Then I came across a pair of the "unidentified Balitoridae" ( each cost me $2.75 ) sharing a tank with the "Unidentified Gastromyzon" ( bought also in Penang ) and kept them for 2 months or so ( the cause of death is unknown, the fish feed well ). The specimens I've collected looks similar to the "unidentified Balitoridae" but are beautifully mottled brown with lighter shades and the caudal fins are slightly forked. When viewed from above and below however, they are similarly shaped as the Chinese Butterfly Hillstream Loach but are less wide, ( refering to the shape and the pectoral and pelvic fins ) but are wider than the ""Unidentified Balitoridae". One thing I've notice is of the fact that these ( or at least on one specimen ) can actually lift their head slightly ( something that i haven't seen in the previous species that I've kept ). From above there are some greyish brown blotches with lighter spots.

Well that's all for now. The next trip is scheduled on Saturday or Sunday next week. I promise I'll share the details with you guys... Till then, bye bye.


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