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caught myself some "lizard loach" and have no idea whatsoever to keep them... anyone care to help?

Posted By: Faizal <sil_chleo@yahoo.com>
Date: Monday, 28 February 2000, at 3:56 p.m.

Hi... my name is Faizal and i've just came back from my weekly "fish hunting trips". I am from the northern part of peninsular Malaysia. I've bought some Gastromyzon sp. two years ago, but i was told by the dealer that it was imported from China. From what i've read the closest Gastromyzon sp. and kin are from Borneo and some semi-gastromyzon-like fish ( meaning- smaller pectoral fins and pelvic fins, less flattened etc.) was found in Johore- that is the southern most part of peninsular Malaysia. Surprisingly, i've found some in a rapid, and caught some 19 specimens all in all in just three hours flat, the ones that i bought costs me $2.50 each and i bought 12 that's $30.00 and all died within a week. I dont know why. So i dont want to experience the same experience again, so help me god! Amen. The ones I caught just stuck there on rocks, and it was quite easy to catch them. They look like "lizard loach" and are similarly colored, but when viewed from above or dorsally, they all have big dark blotches and all are dark colored when first caught, some ( i presume the males ) have reddish color on the caudal and dorsal fins. Three are "murdered" ( swallowed whole and alive ) by my frog snakehead ( channa gaucha ) so i gave the snakeheads to my friends. I kept the "lizard loaches" in a three' aquarium with some smaller swift river catfish, I am sure that the catfish are not capable of doing any harm. Now I have some questions to ask, how big do they get and how do i feed them, how to make them happy etc. Please help!

I also caught some bigger version, but i think it looked like a Chinese algae eater / siamese flying fox but with similar pectoral fin as in Gastromyzon / Balitorid. They are greyish ventrally and with a dark bar from the eyes to the caudal fin base, they are colorful and some have tubercles or some kind of bony growth on the tip of the snout, so i guess they are somekind of Cyprinid species. And we also caught some catfish species, the ones with thick whiskers and swim effortlessly right infront of my airpump output current. It is dark tan colored with thin yellow lines right in the center of the dorsal surface and one on the sides, very beautiful! i also caught some horsefaced loach that are about 9 inches long, and some smaller ones ( i got 4 of the smaller ones, 4-5") and also kept 2 pakistani / zebra loach and 4 yoyo loach. Are they compatible with the "lizard loach'? What do I feed them? How t maintain the tank according to their need?


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