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Re: A question for Matt....

Posted By: Matt M. <Yamaha225@NetZero.net>
Date: Tuesday, 1 February 2000, at 6:33 p.m.

In Response To: Re: A question for Matt.... (Brett)

Well, fist of all, A clown in a 10 gallon is not bad when they are young. It's when they get bigger. And flame said that he was not going to get a bigger tank and was going to keep the clown in there all of it's life. After a while he would be too big. A 5 inch clown in a 10 gallon is not so much the aspect of over crowding but just the swimming space. But 3 5 inch clowns in a 29 gallon is a lot less tight. Tankbert has 4 clowns in his 29 gallon ranging from 2-4 inches with a LOT of other fish mabe 2-3 inches in length and his tank is happy and healthy. As far as all of my other fish being full grown, exept for the pleco that grows really slow, we are looking at MABE 15 inches total in the next 3 years. My 4 barbs are all going to hit about 2.5 inches, my rainbowfish mabe 2.5-3, my shark will get mabe 2.5 in the 3 years and keep going to 3 or 4. The total inches that my tank will hold with my superb filtration system (tankbert has the same canister that I do) is nearly 32 inches, giving my clowns about 5.5 inches a peice before I will be over crowding. I am not looking for those sizes in my fish for a WHILE. By then I will be able to get a bigger tank and let the clowns and my shark get bigger and never get over crowded. I have a system that keeps my fihs from getting overcrowded by getting a bigger tank when they out grow theirs. I went from a 10 to a 29 to whatever the future holds. If I am unable to get a bigger tank when they are too big for mine, I can trade my messy pleco in for a small otto or something and lower my stress levels until I can get another tank. I do whatever it takes to keep my fish happy and I will never reach my overcrowding levels in this tank before I get another so don't be woried about my clowns!! Does that explain it????????

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