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My new babies are settling in nicely. Some Homaloptera orthogoniata observations.

Posted By: Martin Thoene <martin.thoene@lakenheath.af.mil>
Date: Wednesday, 26 January 2000, at 12:45 a.m.

My 12 Homaloptera orthogoniata are now starting to settle nicely in River-Tank1, and are starting to move about more. They currently are more secretive than the H.zollingeri were, but put food in the tank and suddenly there's orthos everywhere!

They zip about so fast that it's difficult to actually see them eating anything, but I'm thinking the positive reaction to the scent of flake, bloodworm, mosquito larvae, and my own frozen mix means they are actually eating something. They're certainly grazing the rockwork OK. As BB reported H.orthogoniata sort of lift into the water flow, apparently to grab passing tidbits. This is something that the H.zollingeri do not do, and I'm thinking this means orthogoniata's food detection is more scent, then visually based, whilst H.zollingeri just graze algae and aufwuchs or pick up anything they find static on a hard surface.

Initially, they were much duller than the last one I kept, being basically a pinkish body colour suffused with a greyish cast, and the markings a slightly purplish grey, but now I've noticed several getting distinct reddish tones in the dorsal and caidal fins. I'm hoping this is a precursor to them colouring up like my lone original one. That was sort of translucent pink with russet markings. It looked more like a Coral-fish than a Freshwater fish........totally gorgeous!

They've got a lot of growing to do yet, based on the final size I've seen quoted. Presently about 1.25 inches SL, my previous fish was about 2", so I'm hoping they'll colour soon as they grow.


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