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I Now Own Another Loach Species :-)

Posted By: Fran <WeSpy6466@aol.com>
Date: Sunday, 23 January 2000, at 8:07 a.m.

Despite good sensible advice from one of our favorite posters here, I bought two yoyo loaches. I would've have gotten three but the store only had two left. I'll be getting a third by the middle of the week (as long as they become available).

I am housing them with my red-tailed shark and some tetras in a 20 gallon tank. Yes, I realize what I've done, but it looks like it's going to work out. My biggest concern was not the size of the tank, but the aggressiveness of the shark. Well, my shark did his typical thing, he stayed in his driftwood for at least an hour which he did when the tetras came to his home (the perpetual guests). However when he finally comes out he goes after whoever is in his way and in no time he was on those yoyos, which by the way, are very small--no more than an inch. But I have two hiding places for the yoyos. My husband in fact (yes that's right) got me one of our contact lens saline solution plastic bottles from our recycle bin, and cut three smaller sized holes in it. The holes are big enough for the yoyos, but too small for the RTS.

But wait! It gets better! Having watched this whole routine, the yoyos did not seem in the least bothered. One of them especially was still out and about AND if you can believe this (I know you will), went right inside the same dritwood hole that my RTS is always hanging in. The yoyo actually poked at him and my RTS didn't leave. He flinched but didn't leave. The yoyo was swimming in and out of the same hole!

This morning I found the shark in the same area with the loaches (who are out and about) and I saw no aggression by my shark. I'm getting him primed up for the big move to the big tank. He'll be living with the clowns, and back again with the angels...

So, anyway, (so far), I'm glad to be able to own more loaches. I already love these yoyos too. Anyone that can stand up to the RTS is ok in my book!

Thanks for listening to the l o n g story everyone.


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