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A Creature Of Habit

Posted By: Joe Loach <jloach@onlinetoday.com>
Date: Tuesday, 4 January 2000, at 11:36 p.m.

For the past year, I've been pretty inconsistent in my visitation of LOL. I used to hang out here all the time, almost daily.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I realized that Martin had posted his rivertank article and even updated his initial venture (I have the LOL *message board* bookmarked and not the LOL main page). That's how far out of the loop I've become. BTW, excellent job, Martin!

Today I decided to get back into the swing of things by visiting a couple of LFS in the Dallas area. I was looking for colorful fish this time out. What could I add to enhance my multitude of earthtone fish? I found some nice looking Congo Tetras, Rummy-Nose Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, and Dwarf Rainbows...but the Congos and Dwarf Rainbows were a bit too much on the expensive side, and the Rummy-Nose and Cardinals were in tanks with a good number of dead fish. Then I spotted a couple of young Synodontis alberti (one of my favorite non-Cory catfish), however, there was a problem in that tank as well--all of the fish were gasping. At this point, I figured that my fish hunting trip would end up being only a sight seeing adventure...until...I decided to take a look at the African Cichlid tanks for kicks, grins, and giggles. In one of the tanks, I was very surprised to see a little loach. "What the heck was that doing in there?!" I wondered. I looked it over and try and tell what it was. I thought it might have been some sort of Neomacheilus sp., but I wasn't quite sure. The store help indicated that it was a "Chinese Algae Eater...or a Japanese Algae Eater...or a sidthimunki." I assured them that it was none of the above. I purchased the cute lil thing for $3.99.

When I arrived home, I looked for the fish on the LOL Species Index. I was sure I could find it under the Neomacheilus species. Nope. Then I remembered when I read Martin's article that he had some pics of some like-looking fish. Sure enough, the fish I have looks just like the Shisture savona, except it lacks the orange spot on the base of the dorsal. It's a cute lil thing at 2" -- very curious and tries to hang out with the SAE's, which are more than twice it's length.

Well, I went out looking for color...and ended up, as always, coming home with a cute, interesting, earthtone-type. Oh well. :-)

Joe Loach

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