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Re: Clown Loach questions..

Posted By: Matt M. <Yamaha225@NetZero.net>
Date: Monday, 3 January 2000, at 8:00 p.m.

In Response To: Clown Loach questions.. (Jeff Jarmoc)

First of all, Clowns are SLOW growers, sometimes taking 6 years to even get 5 inches!! What I believe that you should do is get just 1 small clown to clear up your snail problem along with some caves and places for him to hide. Then get the 29 Gal whenever it is convienent along with 2 more clowns to give the one company. I also had a 10 gallon and upgraded to a 29 by getting only the tank with hood (an incredible 58 bucks!!!! CHEAP!!) An H.O.T. Magnum Pro System. (a pretty hefty $85) And about 10 more lbs of gravel. So the upgrade cost me nearly $150. If I were you, I would get the 29 gallon and get more fish to put in it when you have it cycled with the tetras and the clowns. I love the upgrade and my fish do too. They are VERY active and love to swim ALL the time. You said that you have a Pleco. I have one too. He was in my 10 gal and had been for about 5 months and NEVER was seen during the day doing anything. He would hide and never move. You probably have the same experience!?!?! Every since I got the 29 Gal, he has been active throughout the day. He never stops unless you tap on the tank or move quicky around it. I couldn't believe my own eyes. He really is a show now, but before, he was just a lump with eyes in the corner. Reply with similar experiences or comments!!!

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