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Hello! Im the new guy! got my tank setup :-)

Posted By: Aaron <thecouchguy@home.com>
Date: Saturday, 1 January 2000, at 1:50 p.m.

I put some cycled cichlid water and regular tap into my 20 gal. (de-chlored of course) let it run a day or so, and went and got 3 tiger barbs, 1 Dojo loach, and one spotted corycat. the 3 tiger barbs were somewhat fin pickers, and would nip at my cory's beautiful fins. needless to say, the next day I returned them, added an extra 5 bucks, and got 8 white cloud tetras another dojo for my little feller, and another cory! :-) there soooooo happy, and they like the water ALOT! I have it at 75 degrees, and the Ph is at 7.0. the dojos are amazing! I hand feed them, and so the corys. They also went erratic the night before newyears, and I changed to the weather channel to hear them say "Stormy weather tommorow, lots of rain in southern san diego!" and was jumping to joy when my loaches predicted the weather :-). I also think I have brought out there color, because I feed them rich mix flake food, ruby rich, and frozen brine shrimp. now my loaches have this irradecent (spelling) orange on there sides, which is really pretty. all my fish are doing great! I hope to get more soon, what do you think would be a good addition to my tank? (im getting 3 clowns later, but cant afford it yet) any other suggestions? Thanks.


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