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Finally got me a river tank just like Martin's.

Posted By: Dave <d.s.guest@cableinet.co.uk>
Date: Sunday, 7 November 1999, at 2:07 p.m.

Well I had the bits lying around and yesterday actually find the time to assemble it all and get it in place in my 48*15*12 aquarium. Martin's already hinted at the hassle it takes to retro-fit one of these things and I'll confirm that! The damn manifold just didn't want to stay under the sand to start with no matter how much I tried to force it down. The job wasn't made any easier by having 8 botias frantically swimming around and trying to get underneath the pipes. At one stage I had a total paranoia attack and was convinced that one of them had gotten inside the manifold in the 2 seconds it took me to turn around and locate the filter cartridges.

Anyway, 2 hours later after completely redoing the tank and swapping the filters around with the other tank and rewiring everything I finally switched it all on. WOW!! Works like a treat. The only problem I have is that the sand is getting blown around a bit by a deflected powerhead blast off an angled piece of slate. Another strategically placed piece of rock should fix that problem though.

The design is identical to Martin's original tank apart from a couple of particulars like the filter sponges (I've used Aquaclear "Quickfilter" cannisters inverted and attached directly the manifold uprights). I've also mounted the powerheads differently (Aquaclear 402s). One is about 2" above the substrate to give the river effect, the other is at the water surface so that the venturi works. The flow is not exactly uni-directional in that there is a lot of "swirl" effect in the water but the overall water motion is from right to left.

The left hand foot of the tank is all bogwood and java moss/fern, the other 3 feet are decorated with slate and rock work. Under the slate, hidden from sight, are 4 6" long pieces of 1.5" diameter PVC pipe for the botias to hide in. The fish seem to like it (4 striata, 4 dario and praecox rainbows) so I'm pleased with this little project and am now thinking of ripping out the Fluvals from the other tank and doing the same...


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