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Never 100% sure about anything behavior wise...

Posted By: BB <nettech@bellatlantic.net>
Date: Wednesday, 25 August 1999, at 11:16 p.m.

In Response To: Re: You sure about the ring trick BB?:) (Fishface_Jr)

but I definately have ideas. It goes a long way to being successful I think. Three things to consider, I think; definition of inteligence, instinct, and learning. Any old dictionary does the trick. I am tempted to try your experiment with the clowns with a slight twist. Using something small like a cruciable but placing the food on the substrate and then covering it. Intrested to see how long it would take before they dug under the cover. Somewhat like that intelligence test they give dogs where a treat is shown to the dog and placed in an opaque cup or glass so it covers the treat. Then they time the dog to see how long it takes till they uncover the treat. Smartest breed I think is the Border Collie. Not the biggest breed, or the largest brain as compared to body mass. The thing that dogs seem to have over fish generaly speaking is they emote ..or do they? . Fish protect thier brood. Dogs protect their owner. Fish learn when dinner time is. Dogs sit by the dish. Fish can beg for food. Dogs droll at your feet. Fish stake out territory. Dogs bark at strangers. Fish chace a laser pointer carefuly aimed away from them and at the substrate. Dogs may chace it as well. (ok the last is a bad example of intellignce but if you ever wanted to play with your fish:) Dogs want to please the master, bark when they want to go out, hide if they know they did someting bad ....all associations I think. Esentialy dogs want to survive and be happy imho and they learn how to communicate and the means to fulfill that goal. Fish on the other hand just want to survive, though observation of odd behavior can tell alot about the fishes happiness (even if they do not comprehend) I think. They learn how best to achive that goal. The goals speak of their abilities but surely not on the same level of understanding or ability.

On the shark note... Once through conversation or some such Mako's were reffered to as torpeedos with fins. Not sure if they are the smartest but I do recall they are the fastest. Wasn't the species featured in the movie "Deep Blue Sea"? Given the plot of the movie it makes sence that they would be the smartes to begin with.

Just some thoughts BB

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