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Request - Funny (etc) Loach Stories

Posted By: Wight <Wight@mindspring.com>
Date: Tuesday, 24 August 1999, at 7:54 p.m.

Blame Cjsolomon -- Thou I've been meaning to ask this of my fellow keepers.

What loaches do ya have, and what "funnies" can ya share about them?

----- Needs More Loaches! -----

10 gallon aquarium. 3 Clowns and 2 Pictus cats. All around 2-3" to save measuring time. Bottom sorta crowded (now fixed)... Usually my clowns "reside" behind a piece of wood in the aquarium, and the pictus in "caves" (a pounce can and a drinking glass). One day I noted a pictus cat just outside of his pounce can (a teeny can, not an amazingly loved home anyway). But I looked closer. Inside, and very likely why the poor 'kitty was outside... *ALL 3 Clowns!* These cans are maybe an inch and a half to two inches in diameter, three or so inches long (rough guess -- don't wanna rip up "caves" to post)... One loach was on the left side of the can's interior, laying on his side (the standard clown-puppy playing dead thing). The other two were leaning on the sides of the can, one to a side, and the one on the left was using his brother-loach seemingly as a pillow. I thought it was too damned cute, wish now that I had film, etc -- but the one thing I couldn't get out of my head -- the amount of room still in the teeny can. It was as if they were pleading -- "HEY! WE CAN STILL FIT A FEW MORE LOACHES IN HERE, YANNO?!

----- The New Arrival (ie, when I got that third loach mentioned above) -----

(Someone posted about adding Clown Loaches to other Clown Loaches: *THIS* is the only caution I can (or seem to need to) offer!)

LOL (thanks guys) suggest odd numbers of Clown Loaches, and seemingly (to a capacity issue) the more is the merrier. I added a 3rd to my 2 -- the tank was only 10 gallons after all. Loachie floated a while, all that rot, and then got set free. *Exploration mode*! His Loachie pals didn't run right out to visit with him, not immediately, they stayed hidden for the most part. But this new Clown was all over the tank, checking stuff out. One part of the tank, a certain drinking-glass cave, was owned -- including all surrounding properties -- by my then dominant/alpha Pictus Cat. Damnation to ALL who dare pass near! So of course the new Loach, not knowing the rules, dares to swim on by innocently. The Pictus, who keeps his back turned usually, yet somehow notices these things, whipped out and charged the Loach, who ran away. I think this happened a few times, not "amusingly" the first time... But ya, second or third or whatever time the new Loach swam by, he was chased from the Glass all the way over (sigh, 10 gallons) to the other pounce-can cave. Where the other Pictus was residing, outside of his cave. The loach darted off to the side, the second Pictus noted he was being charged (I surmise), and a wonderfully intense moment of Pictus-sparring ensued. The Loach was off to the side watching, but with typical Loachy humor it seems. The fight broke up in about 2 seconds, the Dominant Pictus swam back to his cave. Followed, immediately after, by the new Clown Loach! I was already laughing my ass off, seeing this much -- but I sorta wondered "WHAT?" -- I had to look, stare, watch. Then I had to get closer, where I could actually see the tank up close... *ZING*. The Clown darted out of the glass, and a rather annoyed yet tired-seeming Pictus came a short bit outward after him, and then went back in the cave to park...


All these fish are now in 50 gallons, seemingly adjusting well. Bigger cups, too... :)

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