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Re: who is *fran*??

Posted By: Wight <Wight@mindspring.com>
Date: Sunday, 22 August 1999, at 3:30 p.m.

In Response To: Re: who is *fran*?? (Wight)

Okee. Someone explain to me -- what was this thread all about? Where/why? How did I get drug into it? Fran and I getting a smidge snippy? I found it sorta playful, a "pecking order" thing which seems entirely too fitting to see on a fish discussion forum of all places. As long as Fran lets me *nibble* first. :) Anywho, whatever this thread is seems over (is it it's own, or was the original post deleted), but still it left me curious...

Again, I was gone for a few days.

Moreover, my mind has become soup (notice all these *brief* posts?!) -- "Bwack" I didn't even come close to getting, until I re-read it today (where it instantly made *some* sense)... Perhaps that's why I didn't catch it, Wrong misspelling. Back in the days of Amiga C-net, my handle was "Wight" -- my conference alias was "Blaque". Well, until I realized how touchy some people are about mere words. I like to stir things up, if I do it (usually) without malice. It was at that point I started running around with the alias of "Suck My Cock, BITCH!" -- it was fun to watch the reactions to that one... Vehement "change your name or I leave the conference"'s that never left, all the way over to the leftist extreme preaching rights of free speech and name choices... But anywho, I digress... Just call me "Wight". :)

Scary thing, I really have about 10-15 aliases I use. And I'm 99% likely to be on this one *anywhere*.

Btw, I never saw any rule against the use of profanity on this forum, I thus don't recognize such a rule. If the name I used above (and truly enough I promise) has you perturbed in any way, feel free to delete this post yourself. I'm using a non-standard password, and posting it freely for just such a freedom. Thou art God. The password is "Whiny".

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