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Fishtank Accessories

Posted By: Wight <Wight@mindspring.com>
Date: Monday, 16 August 1999, at 8:10 p.m.

This is to suppliment/draw more attention to the notion of buying pet "goodies" elsewhere -- to steal another's words, most "discount" pet stores *aren't*.

I went out shopping recently, got that new 50 gallon and all sorts of stuff are needed to make it "live-able". All sorts of *EXPENSIVE* stuff. And having recently been fired (if able to blow what I earned -- parents rock like that sometimes!), I am on a budget.

I bought my tank from PetsMart - $99.99 for a 50 Gal. 48"x13"x19" tank. Decent, I think. While there, I toured for the other ("later") necessities... I noted the bulbs that would fit my 48" socket were $23.99-$25.99. I figured even without fish, it'd be good to get this soon so I could be sure my tank's light fixture *worked*. I'm also short on power-plug space, so I noticed their power strips were either $6.99 or $7.99 (I now forget). Also, to fill/clean this tank, and because I've really been sharing one (which I don't like doing), I wanted a siphon tube of my very own. These vary by size, but are generally a few dollars. I need a bunch of other stuff, and have been shopping around, of course. But these things were what I purchased yesterday, along with some gravel (some? 45 lbs is "some"? -- well, in my tank. :) ).

I went down the street to the the not-so-local PetsMart. I checked out their stuff, found it to be the same (if perhaps better stocked) than my local PetsMart.

I walked next door, to Home Depot... I'm like that, sometimes.

Here's the shopping list, what'd I'd wanted from PetsMart, *that* trip: ----- 48" fluorescent bulb: $23.99 (plants) or $25.99 (fish color) Power Strip (6 sockets): $6.99 Siphon Tube: (varies by size, a few feet) maybe $2.00 -----

Here's what I got, *that* trip, at Home Depot. ----- 48" fluorescent bulb: $7.37 (specifically labeled as "aquarium/for plants/red-blue hues in fish, no less!) Power Strip (6 sockets): $3.50 Siphon Tube: (as mother wanted more) $2.50 (yes, I bought a 20 ft. pre-bundled coil - they also (normally) have the tubing I got for $.16/ft) -----

As far as gravel, I always notice Wal-Mart is the cheapest. 5 lb. bags of gravel are (in almost all cases) only $2.30 there. Versus about $2.60-2.99 at many places, and even $4.50 at the evil most-local (across the street) LFS I've defamed in a few posts now. Anywho, I dunno if $.30/bag is worth a special trip, but Wal-Mart was on the way home... And I bought 9 bags. I'll need about 14 mathematically, but (even with 3 varietys there I bought in my taste's ratios) I was leaving out a tan shade I wanted and only seem able to find at petsmart.

Anywho, for going to Home Depot I took an approximately $33 bill and turned it into $14.08. The bulb is brighter than anything my fish have yet seen, and, when I move them, might spook them. The power strip is working just fine, or I'd not know about the bulb. And the siphon has already proved useful many times, not only to me, but my mother. After all, it has been cut into 2 tubes that are still longer than what I'd expect is "average".

Don't take this wrong, I still love PetsMart. And hate the unnamed evil L-LFS (consider, if I gave a name, you might go there!). But value is where ya find it, "quality" mostly focuses on getting what you want. I wanted stuff that worked, and as price was an issue, stuff that was cheap (so I could get more stuff!). I have no reason to think that bulb won't last a normal amount of time -- but the funny thing, if it doesn't, I can still get *2* additional bulbs for the price of having purchased one bulb from my favored LFS. Half-normal lifespan would be a profit!

Now if only fish tank filters were sold "somewhere else"... *sigh*.

*Hopin' ya shop wisely*.

(Warning tho: Home Depot has a rather boring selection of fish!)

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