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Stripes and Skunks.

Posted By: Joe Loach <jloach@gte.net>
Date: Saturday, 22 August 1998, at 10:16 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Tom, It's Me, Joe Loach (TO JOE) (martin thoene)

That seems to be another factor (more colorful fins). The smaller, less mature Skunks do look like a different species entirely. I only suspected this when I saw of whole shipment of them with what I believed to be different ages of ths same species (instead of different species and subspecies). I'm willing to bet that the adults have *less color* and no vertical stripes!

The B. modesta are very beautiful fish, but too aggressive for me. I pretty much stick to B. macracanthus, lohachata, striata, dario, and sidthimunki (when I can find them). Clowns are almost always available. The others seem more seasonally available. The lohachatas and striatas are pretty easy to find, at least in my experience in Seattle (Washington State) and here in Texas (near Dallas). I saw a couple of striatas for sale the other day, but they were at one of those huge American retail store chains that sells fish as a sideline (and does it quite poorly). They also had ich.

Why are sidthimunki so expensive? Well, there was a period of almost 10 years when I could not find them for sale. I believe that they collected them in the wild primarily in Thailand. I was always fed the line that because of political unrest in that country, collecting them could be quite dangerous.

A few years at "The Fish Store," in Seattle I saw 500 of them for sale. I almost lost bladder control and wet my pants! I hadn't seen them offered for sale in 10 years! The salesperson said that there was a U.K. connection. He also stated that they had been captive bred. Just a few months back (before I moved), they got in a much smaller shipment from the same source. The first go-round, a few years back, they initially offered them for sale for $14.00 U.S. After a few weeks, they dropped the price to $10.00. This last shipment, they were $10.00 as well. I have been told that they are more readily available in Europe than they are here. Tell you what, I'll phone up the guy I know at that store in a day or two and get the straight scoop from him. I'll report back here with what he says.

Joe Loach (not JD) :-)

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