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Re: Oh joy! I've actually seen my hillstream loaches eating!

Posted By: 4-eyes <vantreese@starcomm.net>
Date: Monday, 19 July 1999, at 9:30 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Oh joy! I've actually seen my hillstream loaches eating! (Donna Seidel)

Yes, the rubberlips are the species Martin mentioned, perhaps C. thomasi ??? The food, Nutrafin Max Freeze Dried Tablets for Tropical Fish is in a white plastic canister (1.59 oz.)with a picture of the tablets on the bottom of the front over a purple background. Above the tablets are 3 fish ... looks like an angelfish, a guppy and another orange-colored fish. To the left bottom is a circular "seal" with a banner across it saying "with krill, tubifex & blood worms." My bettas seem very happy in this 29-gal. tank and frequently build a bubble nest, spawn, etc. With the Eclipse 3 top, I have all the current directed to the right side of the tank, with the powerhead's current also going in that direction and slightly downward. The upper left area of the surface is quite still, with floating water sprite along the left side and back toward the pump. On the right side, the plants wave in the current, but on the left side, they hardly move if at all. I never try to "keep" the eggs/fry from the spawnings in this tank and they are always eaten, but will put the pair alone in a 5 or 10-gal. when I'm wanting babies. Once in awhile the male treads in the aerated area in front of the powerhead and looks as though he's enjoying a shower! hehehehehe I do see the hillstream loaches and the rubberlips all over the tank, though. Donna V./4-eyes

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