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Re: Oh joy! I've actually seen my hillstream loaches eating!

Posted By: Donna <vantreese@starcomm.net>
Date: Tuesday, 13 July 1999, at 1:40 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Oh joy! I've actually seen my hillstream loaches eating! (Donna Seidel)

Hi, Donna S! Yes, these hillstream loaches do prefer current and temperature a bit on the cooler side. My two are in a 29-gal. community tank with an Eclipse 3 hood, which makes a good current. However, I've also added a powerhead (with sponge prefilter) for even more current. I like the temp to stay as close to, or slightly under, 75 degrees F as I can keep it, but this time of year it creeps up close to 80 even though my home is air conditioned. The heater is unplugged now, of course. I'm experimenting with the air intake on the powerhead to see if that will help lower the temp a bit, at least in that side of the tank. Companions in this tank, very heavily planted and decorated with driftwood and large rocks, are corydoras, rubberlip plecos (also like the current and lower temp), a bristlenose ancistrus, a flying fox, dwarf neon rainbowfish and a pair of betta splendens. This particular fish (gastromyzon or pseudogastromyzon or whatever) is very peaceful and, or so I've read, rather timid about taking their share of the food. That's why I was so excited about seeing them eating ... I was worried they would starve! I'd like to get one more to make a threesome, but I live in a small town with just one LFS and it may take awhile for the owner to find another one for me. He really tries, though (and these are NOT from the 99-cent tank!). I'm really partial to catfish and plecos, and am also enjoying the four new clown loaches in my 55-gal. tank. If you find some of the butterfly/hillstream loaches/plecos, tell whoever catches them for you to be careful and take plenty of time ... these fish can be hard to net and (as I've also read) are very prone to lower jaw injuries when being netted. Donna V.

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