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Disease question. Unfortunately graphic descriptions.

Posted By: Wintek <wintek@aol.com>
Date: Wednesday, 30 June 1999, at 12:09 a.m.


Been losing some fish lately, I chalked it up to overstocking in preparation for the larger tank that still hasn't come together yet.

It is something totally different. Has anyone heard of a spherical shaped .020 inches (1/2 mm) in diameter, off white/tanish/yellowish internal worm/parasite?

The bugger multiplies/grows insided the body cavity of the fish and virtually displaces the internal organs. I do not know what I'm doing, but what I saw doesn't look like pictures I've seen of tuberculosis nodules in internal organ tissues. I have cut open the body cavities of a lemon tetra (hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis) and cardinal tetra (paracheiron axelrodi) and a gut full of round critters is what I found. No microscope available, didn't see any movement, but these things were pretty small.

Symptoms prior to death for the lemon tetra's includes spinning out of control, very slight loss of body color, development of horseshoe shaped line across bridge of nose. Didn't notice emaciation of muscle tissue, abdominal area only slightly plump.

Water parameters are 60 gallon tank, pH 6.8 or so, GH 7 or so, KH 2 or so, NO3 maintained at 10 ppm (heavily planted/CO2 injected tank). Tank mates are endler's livebearers (poecilia sp.), otocinclus sp, botia striata, bushynose plecostomus (ancistrus sp), red ramshorn snails (planorbis sp. ?), bolivian rams (mocrogeophagus altispinosa), Yamato shrimp (cardina japonica).

I'd really, really hate to lose the bolivian rams. So far the tetras are the ones most affected.

Finally the question: disease identification? treatment suggestions?

Thanks in adveance,


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