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Clown Loach Death...

Posted By: Nomad <ccow@dclchem.com>
Date: Friday, 4 June 1999, at 8:21 a.m.

I went home for lunch yesterday to find one of my beloved clown loaches floating in the tank :-( I have (had) 5 (2.5-3") of them in a 45 gallon tank, which is currently fairly crowded with fish while I'm waiting for my 55 G to re-cycle after a teardown. Also in the tank are 6 boesemani rainbows and a 7" pleco which have been there long term, 2 3" electric yellow cichlids, 2 J. marlieri and 1 (1.5") blue acara. The latter fish have been in that tank for about 3 weeks, and are slated to return to my 55 soon (as soon as the ammonia and nitrites hit zero...fishless cycle with ammonia).

Ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates about 40 ppm (yesterday happened to be water change day anyways; 40% weekly water changes), pH 7.6-7.8, no signs of aggression from anybody. All of the remaining fish look completely healthy... no signs of disease or aggressio