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Re: B vitamins

Posted By: BB <nettech@bellatlantic.net>
Date: Friday, 26 March 1999, at 12:50 p.m.

In Response To: B vitamins (Dr. Momfish)

I have not used this for fin regeneration in Loaches but in Cichilds I have had great results. This is an old fishshow trick. It seems that people who condition fish for shows developed a trick to aid in the regeneration of split or damaged fins in fish they intended to show. The trick was to get the fish to ingest B12. I don't know who did the research and who gets the credit. I am not a nutritionest and am not qualified to comment on the physiology behind the practice. What I can say is a great many people have practiced it (myself included) with success. I'm not intending to be vague I just don't have all the answers. One fellow I think who would be able to explain how the fish utilizes the vitamin for fin regeneration is Tom Griffen. If I'm not mistaken he manufactured or manufactures a B supplement that he sells in his store in Australia. Tom is also the one who lent a hand not long ago in giving us a peak at the costs incurred in the importation of fish and the markup thereafter. He runs a message board and would answer you questions personally I believe. Last I was there the url was http://www.tomgriffen.com I think. He also hosts a FAAS page and if you can't find him I will dig up a url by backtracking from there, because I know that to be valid link.

As far as dosage goes; since you can't hurt the fish I have started with a 500mg B complex that General Nutrition Center sells. I take a pill and desolve it in about 8oz of warm tap water. Once the water turns a goldenrod color and there is little or none of the pill left I add some food sticks. Food sticks will float and absorb water. As they absorb water they fluff up and start to get messy. At this point some float and some sink. A loach who eats a sunken food stick that absorbed water laced with B vtamin gets it in her/his system. Feeding cichlids this way is much easier. If you think loaches are pigs, you have not seen anything:) I suppose this would work with any food that absorbs water, flake disk..ect. Food that has been manufactured through extrusion probably dosen't absorb enough water to benefit the fish. I have also introduced the vitamin in a frozen food I make myself. The basic practice is to start with some protien such as beefheart and parboil it, run it through the food processor, run some fresh veggies through the same process, add scraps of flake, and whatever else you want; maybe garlic(it is said it remits internal paracites?), fresh shrimp. When you get a paste add water where B vitamin has been disolved until it thins out a bit. I then freeze this in a ziploc baggie on a piece of cardboard. Only fill the baggie so it makes a thin layer. After about five minutes remove the baggie and cardboard and invert and icecube and press it into the firming food. It makes little squares that you can snap off and feed. A ruler or someting similar can also be used to create little squares. When this is fed it sinks and the fish eat the food and vitams. The above is the hardest method and the least effective. For my fish that reached tankbuster status it was cake to feed. I just sectioned off a portion of the pill and tossed it into the tank. Being pigs they would eat the portion of the pill that entered the water, and rarely spit it out. I am not sure if this is necessary or just removing carbon and adding pills directly to the water, or a liquid, is effective. Never approached it that way. Just reasoned injestion was the best way the fish could benefit. If you find more out I would love to hear about it, as I never bothered to investigate the how behind the practice. BB

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