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Hot Pepper Base Ich Cure? Wha? (Long Msg)

Posted By: Joe Loach <jloach@wans.net>
Date: Friday, 19 March 1999, at 11:55 p.m.

No joke!

I've finally got a break in my schedule the past couple of days, so I've been catching up on my reading. In the January issue of FAMA (Freshwater And Marine Aquarium) magazine, I read an article on page 144 by Sandy Cohen titled "New Innovations in Fighting Ich Safely in Freshwater, Marine, and Reef Tanks." It discusses two products: one by Kent Marine called "R&P Marine" (for marine use only), and Chem-Marin's "Stop Parasites." The latter, can be used for salt or fresh. However, they also make a pure FW version that is less expensive (the article didn't say by how much). Both are ich cures that use -- get this -- a hot pepper base! The claim of these products is that the hot pepper base will stimulate the fish to "over slime," causing many ich spots to "slough off the fish," -- providing a "false host" for the parasites to feed upon which is more desirable than the fish itself. Kent also adds a natural plant extract (which is a trade secret) which will cause the thin walls of the ich cysts to explode. The article doesn't mention if Chem-Marin's product contains the same. Both claim to be safe to use with fish in a planted aquarium.

The article discusses the disadvantages of using ich cures containing chemicals such as copper, formalin, etc. The only possible disadvantage mentioned with these products is a possible pH drop for water with little buffering capacity.

From the article: "The NEPA hazard ratings for both products are as follows: Health 0, Flammability 0, Reactivity 0. None of the ingredients in either product is listed carcinogen. They may taste worse than your mother-in-law's cooking, but they are actually edible, though eating is not recommended (like your mother-in-law's cooking). Neither product will help advance cases of ich. No product will."

Have any of you LOLers ever heard of or used these products? Curious.

If and when I get ich in my tanks again, I will use the old tried and true temperature increase. However, this gives me an option to use with cool water species.

My first reaction to this product (knee-jerk) is: "What? Hot Peppers?! No way!! Isn't this cruel?" However, I'd like to keep an open mind about this...perhaps even purchasing one of these products.

Any comments? Thanks in advance.

Joe Loach

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