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Clown loaches---wasting away??? Help!

Posted By: Liza <shadyluv@hotmail.com>
Date: Thursday, 18 March 1999, at 12:49 a.m.

We just lost our 3rd clown loach to what I guess you could call Wasting away. Right now there are only 2 clown loaches in our tank, we had 3 until yesterday. One is doing great, looks great, acts great...no problems as of yet. The other one seems to be having the same problem as the one we lost yesterday. The one we lost yesterday we had for over a month and never seemed to eat much or grow at all, so we kind of expected it. Now the one that is having problems now is one that has been in the tank for abput 3 months, never had a problem until recently. When we got this loach he was missing part of his fin and it grew back without a problem! He has always ate well but hasn't seemed to get any bigger. But now he's not eating at all! It seems when he goes after food he just misses it, like he can't get it into his mouth (if that makes sense). He tries, but fails. We have never had any problems with the loaches at all...they even somehow escaped ick! I've looked around and haven't found anything about this or what to do about it, or if there is anything you can do! I hate sitting here watching him just 'waste away'.

Here is the information about our tank:

25 gallons high 3 zebra danios 1 angel 3 rainbowfish (bosemani, turquoise (very small), ornate)

The tank has been up and running for 4 months.

pH is 7.0 (we have high pH in our water and use Water-Rite to neutralize it to 7.0) Nitrites-non-detectable Nitrates-non-detectable Amonia-non-detectable

I would appreciate any help you could give me as to what causes this, how to fix it, or anything! I want to go pick up more clown loaches, but I don't want this to keep happening!

Thanks in advance!


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