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Re: Another flowing idea..

Posted By: Martin Thoene <martin.thoene@lakenheath.af.mil>
Date: Tuesday, 16 March 1999, at 7:22 p.m.

In Response To: Another flowing idea.. (BB)

BB, the things that happen when your mind wanders! I was kinda wondering where the plans were going until I got near the end. A free-standing, room-centre tank poses all sorts of aesthetic problems when it comes to where all the services go. My old book that the SE Stream biotope pic comes from covers all sorts of design problems due to projected tank locations with great emphasis on what it all looks like in the end. It proposed a centrally mounted internal filter inside a tree stump as a solution, but that's not what your looking for here anyway. The book pre-dates trickle-filter technology by about 20 years!

I can see your thinking, but wonder if the space under the 10 gal. tank will tend to detract from the directional flow somewhat, by giving somewhere for turbulance to be created as water tries to find a way out from it's restricted path that you want it to take.

My LFS has a monster island tank full of Tank-busters that has a central Trickle-filter intake like you suggest built into a glass constructed central box. This is sealed to the bottom of the tank, and I think feeds a sump within the brick-built plinth the tank stands on.

I thought the original idea of a central bulkhead panel with opposed direction powerheads was an excellent idea, brilliant in it's simplicity. It also would give substantially more floor area for the fish, and greater decor possibility. You could still use the tank-drilling you describe for cable access and feeding a sump-mounted trickle filter. The 10 gal inside a 40 will take quite a lot of room. You could make a slim, central box from 4 sheets of glass, with a weir intake, and media supports,etc as you describe, and feed a sump out the bottom of the sealed chamber it creates, thereby alleviating one corner chamber for a sump intake. Going on from that, a second drilling within that area could take a pipe for cable access as you describe. Now there's NO corner boxes (tidier, especially if you intend to view from all sides). The return from the sump-pump could also come up the cable pipe and via pre-formed bends, be directed back into the tank down one side of the central area "wall". A powerhead on the other side would blast water in the opposite direction, so that water is encouraged to flow "around" the centre wall. This still only uses 2 pumps, gives greater floor area, no extra clutter in tank corners,.........and you've still got a useable 10 gallon tank! And you know that you ALWAYS need a spare tank! The glass to build the central box shouldn't cost too much, plus some silicone sealer.You could use the grey sealer you describe to paint it, or silicone small pieces of rock to it to create a backdrop that algae would still grow on.

Well that's my 50c worth!...........................................Martin.

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