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Re: I cycled my loaches!!! :)

Posted By: Amy <amr@fast.net>
Date: Wednesday, 17 February 1999, at 5:52 p.m.

In Response To: Re: I cycled my loaches!!! :) (BB)


Here's what I'm doing. It's worked so far, but I am relatively new to the hobby, so I'd appreciate any feedback if you think I'm off base.

I keep my ph at 8.0 (with no problems from the loaches so far) and a temperature of 80 degrees (again with no loach problems).

As far as diet, I feed the cichlids floating cichlid pellets and flakes. I've tried lettuce, but they don't eat it. The loaches occassionally come to the surface for some, but that's seldom. The loaches do eat the flakes as they sink.

At the same time, I drop in a sinking bottom feeder tablet and the loaches eat most of that before the cichlids come down from their surface feeding.

Occassionally, I feed shrimp or bloodworms and my 2 cichlids and 2 loaches all come to the surface and eat pretty evenly. I didn't know about "Malawi Bloat" and appreciate your input. I will continue to be careful about only feeding meat like that occassionally.

My biggest challenge is feeding the ropefish. His eyesight is so poor that he needs to find his food by sense of smell. By the time he finds any food, the other fish have already devoured it. What I've done is found a corner of the tank (on the surface in the back by the filter) where the other fish seldom go. I started putting bloodworms there and have trained him to go there for food. So far, I've gotten him to eat shrimp and bloodworms. I know he's carnivorous and am currently doing research to find out what other foods he may need or want to stay healthy.

I know I have a strange combination of fish, but they sure are beautiful. I'm glad to hear someone else has a similar setup.

Please let me know if you think I could be doing anything better. I won't be offended. You sound like you are knowledgeable and I appreciate that. Everyone seems happy and healthy, but I've only had them a few months.

Thanks for your response! Amy

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