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Thanks, BB

Posted By: Nomad <ccow@dclchem.com>
Date: Wednesday, 17 February 1999, at 2:11 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Cool setup Nomad (BB)

I've got a mix of the standard aquarium gravel and some chocolate brown... looks nice, and hides fish waste quite well. Next tank, I think I'll go sand. I've got a ton of rockwork in the tank, mostly picked up off the beach in Winnipeg while we were there. There are several amazon swords which are growing nicely, a couple of Vals, some java moss (which is slowly being pulled apart and ending up in my filter... glad I split it and put some in the 10 gallon as well, it's flourishing in there...) and some hornwort. I've currently got a nice piece of bogwood with caves that at least one of the clown loaches sleeps in, and two pieces of found driftwood. Actually, that's caused problems in the past, since once I took out the bogwood to clean the tank without realizing there was a loach in there. Found him very dried-out looking on the floor about 1/2 hour later. Managed to resuscitate, and was quite surprised that he was swimming around the next day. Strangely enough, after that he started growing, and is now the largest of the loaches (he was quite visible for the first week, because some of his skin had dried out, leaving a white patch, which has since returned to normal. They're tougher than they look :) The reason I picked Julies and Yellow labs (other than their looks) was because they are considerably less aggressive than most africans, and I thought they would be able to get along with some non-aggressive fish in the tank. The boesemani rainbows are a very nice fish, and look incredible in the mornings when they court. I'm certain that mine spawn regularly in the java moss, but I need to give them a separate tank to breed them successfully; the clown loaches (and one of the marlieri's) seem to like their breakfast caviar, and even with spawning mops I've never been able to see any eggs. The boesemani are not aggressive, though there is some intraspecies aggression; they will definately set up a pecking order, with alpha, beta, etc. males, and to a lesser extent, do the same with females. I have a 3:3 mix, and my gamma male barely has any colour at all. Also, I have had two fish that were simply not accepted into the school by the others... one I returned when he started hanging out by the heater, another did better in the short term, but much worse in the long, she eventually hung out just below the water level, and refused to eat. I unfortunately ended up having to euthanize, as several methods were tried to get her to recuperate, and I was worried about her stressing to the point where she could introduce a disease to the rest. Aside from those bumps, the school is doing very well now, and are something to see when you put freeze-dried daphnia or bloodworm in the tank... their darting even intimidates the ciclids. Adding the electric yellows has made them a little nervous, and they now school much closer than they used to. I know that I'm not exactly doing a biotopically correct tank, but I enjoy it, and the fish are all healthy. I will probably separate some of them when I can afford a new tank, though. I'd especially like to try breeding the boesemani's, when there's some hope of success. Oops, sorry for writing a book!

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