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Update / Ick..planted tank

Posted By: Guinevere <management@richmondpaper.com>
Date: Friday, 12 February 1999, at 2:49 p.m.

Hi everyone, here is the promised update on my ick afflicted clowns. I tried various meds and finally got the heater and salt and tried the salt cure, and things really improved from there, though too late to help 2 of the 3 loaches. All in all here is the final outcome: two clowns dead, two corydoras dead, all plants survived, frogs fine, other fish fine. I put the surviving clown loach back in the big tank after I introduced 3 more new clown loaches (a little bigger than my first ones so they'd be hardier). For the first few days the recovering loach kept a low profile, didn't eat alot, hid by himself. The 3 new loaches chased each other around the tank alot, but didn't seem esp stressed, and to date have not presented any symptoms of illness. In the last day or so the recovering loach is beginning to follow the other loaches around a little, and is scavenging more regularly, and doesn't hide alone anymore. Today I put in a cube of frozen brine and a big clump landed in a spot where the loaches congregate. They all picked at it, and the recovering loach dug in hungrily. It sorta seemed like the other loaches noticed that and took off to scavenge other areas and left the hungry loach to dig in without interruption. The hungry little loach ate and ate for a long time then finally moved on. Then the other loaches came back to pick up the leftovers and then they all fell into formation again. So the clown loach population (current total 4) is getting along great, better than I hoped. Hurray! :) The corys are down to 2, and I'll be getting a couple more soon to round out that group. So overall, things worked out pretty well. I saved one clown loach, and I'm glad. How many loaches can you keep in a 55 gal tank, along with corys and several danios and neons and white clouds? My local Pet superstore recently got in a great variety of loaches : yoyos, queen, batik, tiger, another I can't remember, and I really am tempted!!! (Time to get another tank, hmmm)

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