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ha-your a looser steve-face it.

Posted By: Hyp <Hypancis@aol.com>
Date: Thursday, 11 February 1999, at 3:14 p.m.

In Response To: Grow up (Steve Burton)

ha ha ha ha steve-When I read you post-and it's title I found it so funny-LAUGH-I NEARLY PISSED MYSELF And iam not incontinent-he he he he.It's so funny-your subject heading made me remember my school days-if I ever had a go at anyone-all they could do was say-GROWNUP-no defence what so ever-as Is the case with yourself. But serious for one minute-by critisising someone's wage-and the fact they may not be as well of as you will gain you no friends-other than rich ones-critisising someone's finacial situation isnt funny-IT IS JUST OFFENSIVE to people trapped in the world of low wages myself and Nika included. I dont rise to any bait-I just answer all comments-Iam used to this as I bait people all the time-so can only expect the same in return-And how can you expect any reaction from me?I have only posted in this forum maybe 2 dozen times-so you cannot have any idea what iam realy like-in the cyber world you can be totally different to yourself in reality-but tis true what I say later in this message. And ofcourse at the end of the day-money isnt everything-there is also something called job satisfaction-No stress for me-just beautiful days in the open air-the world is my oyster. So what kind of car did you buy?and why not wait for the T reg in March-just being a cheap skate and buying up an old model before the reg change-SO which car did you choose-the Reliant Robin or Nissan Micra-the 1.1 basic version of course?he he he-let me know where you are-and I can send someone round to burn it out for you-or melt it in the case of the Reliant. Actually funny you should mention new cars-I was just trying to decide weather to buy a new one or not as mine is getting alittle old now-my finances are not doing bad for saying I only got back from a tour of South America in early November-god it is hard being poor-waiter-fetch me another beer.

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