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help. . . ICK!!!...(planted tank)

Posted By: Guinevere <natmur@juno.com>
Date: Wednesday, 3 February 1999, at 2:36 p.m.

A week ago I bought 3 new clown loaches (my only ones),around 2 inches. My LFS has immaculate tanks and healthy fish, so this caught me off guard. I bought a few white clouds, neons, and danios the same day. My large 55 gallon tank wasn't overcrowded at all. My tank set up is fairly new, only a few months old, but cycled. Before I brought home the new fish the tank had 4 corys and 6 danios (2 of three kinds, leopards, zebras, gold), and 2 dwarf african frogs, plus a zillion little snails that hitched a ride with some java fern a month or so ago. My tank is heavily planted. Lots of java fern on driftwood. I also have 4 small shallow dishes with soil, vermiculite, & pond fertilizer topped with sand & gravel, all nestled into the medium rounded river gravel substrate. In those dishes I have walkeri, hairgrass, anubia, banana plant, anacharis, & water sprite, and about 5 of those bulbs they sell at wal-mart. My light is only average, but good, and the plants are THRIVING! No algae problems yet. I use an undergravel filter, a power head, a over-the-side trickle filter. The pH is about 8 (my tap water is alkaline), the ammonia is less than .05 ppm. I don't have a nitrite tester. The tank is clean and water regularly changed (10-20 %). Temp is always about 80F. I don't use a heater. The only 'shock' to the clowns might have been from the change in pH. The water the LFS uses is a special kind of neutral pH water they get, and offer for sale. They suggested using Malachite green in the tank. What should I do? Will the frogs survive treatment? The plants? Will the meds stain my driftwood? Also, will the meds kill the snails? If so, will the dead snails foul the water? I've already put the clowns in a ten gallon quarantine tank. I've given them one dose of a medicine called CLOUT. They look so SAD! In my big tank, when I found the ick on my clowns (its bad!) I also found my juvenile cory dead. The 3 remaining corys are adults, one looks like its getting it too. The dead juvenile cory was a real heartbreaker, it was born in my tank. :(

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