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Re:Jeff, some questions about the ick database

Posted By: BB <nettech@bellatlantic.net>
Date: Wednesday, 20 January 1999, at 1:27 a.m.

I have imported the database (all 9 records) as a delimited text file into access 2.0. The 37 fields I have identified as follows:

field# description name type
1 record id/ counter rec_id number
2 water temperature tmp number
3 temperature method tmp_mthd text
4 temperature swings tmp_swng yes/no
5 PH of infected tank ph number
6 ammonia in ppm ammo number
7 tank size tnk_sz number
8 voulme method vol_mthd text
9 dimension lenght lngth number
10 dimension width wdth number
11 dimension height hgth number
12 dimension method dmn_mthd text
13 last outbreak of ich mnths number
14 water maintenance wtr_mnt text
15 water % changed wtr_chng number
16 substrate maintenance sub_mnt text
17 filter maintenance fltr_mnt yes/no
18 stocking stocking text (must be evaluated)
19 filter ugf ugf yes/no
20 filter canister cnstr yes/no
21 filter power pwr yes/no
22 filter sponge spng yes/no
23 filter trickle trck yes/no
24 substrate used sub_use text
25 water source wtr_src text
26 plants added recently plnt_add yes/no
27 plants added type plnt_type text (must be evaluated)
28 nitrite level ppm nitre number
29 nitrate level ppm nitra number
30 general hardness gen_hrd number
31 carbonate hardness car_hrd number
32 phosphates ppm phos number
33 light duration in hours lght_dur number
34 light wattage lght_wat number
35 new fish added fish_added text (must be evaluated)
36 3 little questions chem_added text (must be evaluated)
37 observations freeform text (must be evaluated)

Now you know why I have difficulties spelling:)... Here are the questions in no particular order. Is it possible to restrict the type of information entered
for each field of the form? The reason I ask is some of the fields should contain numbers and not allow characters. In the records currently in the database they allow for both, ie. (78) in field 1 in place of 78, in fields 9-11 (l)39 (w)22 (h)26 in place of 39 22 26, in field 29 a ? in place of 0, in field 33 (12 hours) in place of 12, also in field 33 (in hours)1 in place of 1, in field 34 (in watts)80 in place of 80. I know why it happens (folks do not clear the field or in some cases take the examples to mean different ways to record information. If we want to crunch this then there needs to be some conformity. Restricting the fields with a type "number" (as listed above) to only accept numeric data is one solution. Along those same lines, in fields 8,12,14,16,24 and 25 the form provides a drop down list with selections. Is it possible to restrict the user to these choices? I ask this for the same reason ..conformity. Furthermore, in fields 4,17,19,20,21,22,23,and 26 the user is limited to a yes or no response either directly or indirectly. Can thes fields be limited in the same manner to accept only yes or no. This ensures the fields are case sensitive and usable.

Can you add inches to field 12. There are two bogus entries because the dimentions were entered in inches but feet is selected in 12. Somebody has a nice tank 39' X 22' x 26'...:)

Could you break field 36 into three seperate fields each a yes/no instead of the
text box. We can't use it to crunch the way it is. Fields 18,35,36 and 37 will have to be evaluated because they are freeform and have no common format.

Lastly, if a value is null can the form leave it blank instead of entering a default value?

If you are moving ahead in a different direction ignore my inane banter. Just tell me to go feed my fish! As always..thanks Jeff.

Is it poss


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