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Cool Kuhli ......come out, come out wherever you are.

Posted By: BB <nettech@bellatlantic.net>
Date: Tuesday, 5 January 1999, at 2:08 a.m.

For the last five years I have been acquiring various sp. of botia and loaches. I have seen the kuhli loach in lfs for over 14 years and for my own reasons just never wanted one. I have seen many kuhli with different patterns (number of bands, yellow bands, thicker bodies, ect...) but this past weekend I saw a kuhli that was all black. No bands of any color. At the price .98 cents I purchased both that were available for sale. The price would suggest that these are neither rare or new to the hobby but nevertheless it was the first time I can recall seeing them. After reading everyones posts regarding the kuhli I thought perhaps it's time to give them a shot. Searching the archive here and the various backissues of magazines I subscribe to I can't locate this exact color morph. The books I have for id purposes or husbandry don't mention this color pattern either. So because there are only 2 I bought two of every other sp. of kuhli I could find. Now I have a total of 6 kuhli in a 20 long. Just moved some other fish around and poof a cycled tank with a sand substrate. If they do well I'll move them to a bigger tank. Right now the temp is 74-76 and I'm feeding live tubiflex worms and green flake. The worms are obviously preferred but once several weeks pass I'll cut back on the protiens. There are plenty of hiding places so the fish should feel confortable enough. The two black loaches are very reclusive while the other four lounge around the tank. I'm concerned that the temp is wrong or someting else I haven't thought of. Water chemistry is fine according to information I could locate on the more commonly seen sp. I double checked everything ph, ammonia/ammonium, chlorine/chlormine, nitrate/nitrite, phosphate, general hardness/absolute hardness, conductivity, disolved oxygen, temp. Normaly I don't monitor half these parameters unless I see some reason to. My questions are as follows:

Has/Does anybody seen/keep this sp.?

Is this sp. truely nocturnal? (One thought I had was the light sand was upsetting to this sp.) I know kuhli are nocturnal by nature but the others don't hide like this and I have waited till the lights are out to check on them but they still exhibit the same behavior. There are no other tankmates at the present time. The fear factor can be eliminated unless the other kuhli are spooking them. I have witnessed no ill behavior from the others towards these two.

Are there special care requirements for this loach?

What is the scientific name and where is it collected from (exactaly)? My inquires after the salesperson yeilded nothing I didn't already guess.

Is it likely that this sp. was captive raised since kuhli can be bred in the home aquarium?

Is this a new morh or has anyone seen this one years ago?

One question I had in general about kuhli was; are they VERY susceptible to outbreaks of fungus like eels? Not that it is a problem (I have kept fire, peacock, and tiretrak healthy over the years) I just want to know what I'm in store for.

Hopefuly this will yeild some answers. If not I think I'll fall back to my letter writing and perhaps move this sp. to a different substrate. I'll remove the other kuhli before I do that though (less stressful). The others I can replace if something happens but the black I can't. I will do my best to get some clear pictures for the archive but foremost I'd like to insure the health. I'm really hoping that this is normal behavior and everything is well. Respiration, fins, skin all appear normal. Thanking you in advance everyone :)



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