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new 55g tank, how many and which?

Posted By: Guinevere <sales@richmondpaper.com>
Date: Tuesday, 22 December 1998, at 2:52 p.m.

Hello! I am resurrecting my old 55gal tank. My then 2 1/2 yr old decided to play w/the fish by throwing various substances into the tank whenever I wasn't around. eventually, dispite my vigilance and discipline, all fish died and I closed down the tank. Son is now 4 1/2 and now fully understands the ground rules of fish keeping - do not touch the tank, at all, or put anything in there unless mommy is there to supervise feeding. So I have started over. Right now I have an ugf with one side using an air tube, the other side using a power head. (Nice soft water current.) I also have a power filter that hangs on the side of the tank, (specs-350 gal per hour??) and I have put in a mix of medium and small pebble gravel that is natural looking and sealed. Following advice elsewhere found on the web I planted the tank with small shallow dishes of plain topsoil, vermiculite and bits of pond plant fertilizer. I covered the dirt with a bit of sand and lots of gravel to keep dirt out of the water. Plants are doing great. Lighting is only average, one big strip of flourescent bulb in the fully covered hood, but the plants seem to be thriving so far. I turn the light off late at night, back on in the morning, manually. Is near but not directly in front of, a large window, so natural light filters in too during the day. Have two large peices driftwood and a plastic 'cave' decoration that is fairly large. From what I've read I'm hoping this is a good habitat for clown loaches. I started things with a betta fish, then added 3 cory cats. Betta is currently residing in a bowl of its own now. Only the corys are there and they seem very happy. I feed those the Wardley shrimp pellets, and special green veggie wafers that are small and designed for corys. Temp stays around 80 degrees without any mechanical help (I live in Texas, is just now getting cold out side), tank is in bedroom and is observed all the time. (moved it from spare bedroom so I could watch son's interaction better) My next purchase will be a test kit on water quality, but I know the water is alkaline. Questions: I have one java fern and will get more, but the plants in the dishes: do I have to move those from my aquarium? If I get clown loaches, will they dig so much they will disturb the soil and find the fertilizer? So far the corys have not disturbed these dishes at all even though they are active. I also put in an african dwarf frog who hides most of the time, he's very small, not much bigger than a nickel, should I move him before buying clown loaches? How many clown loaches can I ultimately buy for my tank and still keep a shoal or two of other fish, like danios and/or white mountain minnows (6 each?)? Also thinking of 6 boesmanii rainbows. I want to have as many clowns as possible without over crowding. Will they get along with my corys? Thinking of yoyo loaches too, if I find any, and a bristlenose pleco, my LFS carries those periodically. Any advice would help. I'm afraid my 'eyes are bigger than my tank' and want to put a safe number in my mind before I shop. Clowns are to be my feature fish, all other fish mentioned are ones I want just as much, but I will bow to the preferences and needs of my future clowns foremost when considering the type and number of tankmates. "New" Tank is only a month old at this point, not planning a new fish purchase until middle January, except maybe one more cory cat between now and then (no more corys after that).

Sorry for the long message, wanted to give as much info as possible before asking questions.

All advice welcome. Thank you to the intrepid souls who read this whole message! :)

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