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Curious about striata and histrionica behavior

Posted By: Cinder <lhughes@prodigy.net>
Date: Friday, 18 September 1998, at 12:48 p.m.

I have not been keeping either of these species very long. I do have them in side by side tanks tho (& hope to put them together someday) & have been comparing their behavior. And of course, its hard to generalize with such limited numbers. But I thought I'd throw this out & see if it is similar to others' groups of the same fish.

I have 4 histrionica, quite immature I think, as they are slightly built & the largest is just about 2". They are in a small, heavily planted tank with Heterandria formosa & pygmy cories. The 3 striata are probably older, approx. 2.5", full bodied. They are in a planted tank with cardinals. The tank is bigger & more open. (I also have 1 immature striata & 1 rostrata in another tank - they are another story.)

The histrionica do not seem to hang out together, they seem to each have their own hiding places. They dont seem to chase each other much tho either. They were also very shy at first, altho they have loosened up considerably. The 2 shier ones seem to fade a bit, indicating to me that they are lower in the pecking order.

The striata do seem to like to hang out together. They all hang out under the same piece of bogwood, altho other places are provided. They also come out & swim & feed together. They do chase each other a bit, but not seriously or alot. They were/are much less shy than the histrionica, even tho their tank has alot more open space. One of them tends to be darker, but I am wondering if he is just darker in color, rather than the other 2 being faded. They dont look faded. I havent seen enough of them to know how much variation there is in the species.

The histrionica seem to love eating the new growth of an Amazon sword in their tank, so far, the striata have not touched the sword in their tank. I have not tried the histrionica on zucchini yet, but I intend to soon. I havent noticed that much interest in algae wafers, but it's a fairly new tank & I'm trying to go easy on the feeding.

So, I'm curious about others' observations of these 2 species re: 1) shyness 2) sociability with each other 3) getting along with other fish (none of mine pay attention to the other fish) 4) plant eating 5) any other behavior observations

At the moment, I am finding my striata almost as endearing as my sidmithunki! I'm so tempted to go out & add to the group, but I eventually want to add the histrionica to the tank, & it would just be too much. Part of the reason I'm comparing is because I'm hoping they will mix well.

Thanks all! Cinder

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