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Does anyone know the breeding conditions of Pangio javanicus?

Posted By: Robert Pitt <rwpitt@home.com>
Date: Thursday, 28 October 1999, at 10:12 a.m.


I have a 55 gallon freshwater communal tank. It is maintained at a temperature of 76 degrees F, pH range of 7.0-7.3; and no ammonia, or nitrogen problems. It is heavily planted with artificial plants and has normal fish aquarium gravel, not sand. I am unsure of my oxygen level, but I do have several airstones to assist the two powerheads which drives my undergravel filter.

This is my first time to maintain an aquarium. A friend of mine who wanted to upgrade to a 80+ gallon system let me have this one to start out with. He took me to the store and set me up with a list of fish to populate the tank with. Six zebra danios, three cory cats, two plecostymuses, and one silver dollar. I purchased these fish and let the tank stabilize.

I noticed the Black Khalui Loaches when I was in the fish store, as a greenhorn to aquariums, I went back and purchased 3 of them after the tank finished it's cycle. I added the three Black Khalui Loaches and 3 golden apple snails approximately three months ago. I have not added any more since then.

The loaches were approximately 2.5", 2.75",and 3" in lenght. I was preparting to go to work this morning.. and did the routine fish feeding time. Feeling guilty, since I have been not paying much time to my tank, I took a moment to do a body count(Everyone tells me to do this since it is my first tank). After the count, no losses to date, I turned to check my e-mail, when my wife pointed out that I had a baby fish. I looked closer, and it was a 1" loach!?! I flipped through my "greenhorns to aquariums" books and looked the loaches back up. It says that it is anywhere from Rare to Unkown for most of the loaches listed to breed in an aquarium. If anyone can tell me where I could get more information on this breed, I would be highly appreciative.


Robert Pitt

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