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Latin ('sall Greek to me!)

Posted By: martin thoene <martin.thoene@lakenheath.af.mil>
Date: Monday, 14 September 1998, at 6:59 a.m.


You guys an' gals just blow me away! I've been out of this Think-tank for a week and LOL seems to be expanding in a logarithmic way. The subjects keep getting more deep and mind-expanding and the ever increasing pool of knowledge can only benefit OUR FISH. Which is why we all care enough to want to expand our knowledge in the first place.

I'm greatly in favour of Biotype tanks. I want to provide as natural as possible conditions for my fish. I've kept fish since 1963 (ish) and in that time I've tried most things. Joe's words on his philosophy of fishkeeping strike a lot of chords with me. I've never gone out of my way to breed fish, but it's happened. I use the same super accurate thermometer for water changes( stuff my right hand in the bucket, yeah feels about right) as Joe. Until recently when I started to collect rainwater, I've always used straight tapwater without a de-Chlorinator (heck, they never even made the stuff when I started!).

Most fish are far more resilient than we give them credit for. I would never condone keeping them in poor conditions, of course, but common sense and experience will see you through. I've never lost any fish in a way that could be attributed to water problems. The last time I ever had disease in a tank I think I probably had long hair and wore enormouse flares! (No wonder the fish felt sick). Wisdom of experience comes by paying your dues, and I reckon that we have between us an immense pool of knowledge and experience. We can all benefit from this and help newcomers to the hobby who discover Loaches are their thAng. Plus we just MIGHT sort out some of the jumbles in our minds or create new ones! Basically, we can all have a LOT OF FUN and ultimately benefit our fish.


Found a piece the other day on Clown Loaches which explained the Latin name.

Botia macracantha: Macr ( LARGE ) , Acantha ( SPINE or THORN )

So, Large Spine, which refers to the Suboccular (beneath the eye) spine. Which beggars the question.....How come somebody decided to give it that name when a spine under the eye is something it shares with other Botias, and is therefore not a distinguishing feature ?

Who ever said ANY of this was Logical?

Ooh! another thing I just remembered reading somewhere. If a species is named after a person, i.e. 'cos they discovered it, or in honour of, it will have their name, followed by an i (if they are Male), or ii (if they are Female). Use of common names has always been a bee in my bonnet. I'll only use them to talk about the universally accepted and known species otherwise I'll use the Latin name every time. Trouble is, I don't know them all and I think most would agree that this last week we've thrown up a whole can-of-woms when it comes to ID'ing some of these guys. Just look at the photos we've sent in of Botia superciliaris. All these fish look different, especially the one I sent in at the bottom. Are they the same species? Was the source photo labeled correctly? MY BRAIN HURTS!!!

Remember my article on breeding Clowns? Well someone in Great Britain has just bred Chinese Hillstream Loaches ( we're rather good at this stuff over here! ). How was it accomplished? Just by leaving well alone and letting nature take it's course! Otherwise known as BY ACCIDENT!!! NO special setup,NO fancy water testing, NO special feeding, just good basic fish care which obviously made the fish feel pretty good enough to want to procreate. THIS FISHKEEPING LARK CAN BE THAT EASY. If fish want to breed they will. Remember the line in Jurrassic Park....................... "Life will find a way". Whether it's nature or the Hand of God, I dunno. Joe Loach is better placed to comment on that than me, and even he doesn't want to go there in this venue!

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