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Darned Gourami's..ever heard of this disease anyone?

Posted By: Fishface_Jr <Fishface_Jr@yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, 1 October 1999, at 10:37 p.m.

This happend suddenly about three days ago. I added no new fish, and didn't do any water changes except for about three days before. Anyways...My gouramis are dieing off fast. There are these what appear to be abrasions on them. I have lost three gold gouramis in the last three days. My blue gourami has a small mark on him and my dwarf gourami is as happy as can be. The abrasions look like either dead scales or popped blisters and cover the whole body of the fish. I am expecting to find my blue dead tomorrow after the band competition(though I hope not). These marks appear over night. It could very well be another fish attacking them, but I don't know why this wouldn't have happened earlier. I am planning on finally moving loaches, tetras, pleco, and remaining gouramis to my 55 gallon tank and moving 7 small neon tetras into my 20 gallon for themselves(until I find something I like). The 55 has been tested with other fish and right now four danios are happy in there with the 7 tetras soon to be in the twenty. My plants are doing great in there, and I don't see how I could have had trouble with them before. Please if anyone has any precautions with my plans to move my fish, or any info otherwise on disease or whatever please respond.


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