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Re: Strange white spots on Clowns (Disease?)

Posted By: Pete <pcooke@rocketmail.com>
Date: Friday, 24 September 1999, at 10:10 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Strange white spots on Clowns (Disease?) (Anne Webel)

Hi Anne,

I really couldnít say as to whether the splotches are caused by mucus overproduction (is there something in particular I should be looking for to confirm/deny this?), but they do seem to be scratching. Occasionally, the clowns will drive themselves against a large rock. This is kind of hard to describe: the fish will be very close to a rock, then with a flip of the tail they sort of bang one side or the other against the rock. Iíve noticed this behavior for quite some time, although it seems to be more frequent now Ė one of the clowns did this for about two solid minutes last night. These are the only fish exhibiting this behavior. I havenít noticed any other symptoms really Ė in addition to the splotches, it sort of looks like they might have a very minor case of ick or velvet. There are definitely no white tufts or black spots.

I have a 35 gallon tank; besides the two clowns, I have 3 kuhli loaches, 2 plecos, 7 cardinal tetras, 9 harlequins and 5 guppies. The plecos are the most recent addition (a couple of months ago), but the clowns donít really seem to have a problem with any of the other fish. They occasionally hang with the Kuhlis, and ignore everything else. My aquarium has plants and rocks. I have several rocks, some of which I arrange in caves, that switch in and out of the tank from time to time to give the fish (and me) a change of scenery). As one plant stops looking good, Iíll uproot it and replace it with another variety, hoping that it is more successful. I havenít introduced any new plants in awhile, but Iíve added some new rocks in the last month or so. There are also some snails living in the substrate that I rarely see except when vacuuming the gravel. Oh yes, recently, I added a piece of driftwood (that I obtained at the LFS).

I generally change 10% of the water once a week, although occasionally I get lazy, and it can go up to a week and a half sometimes. I always vacuum the gravel when I change the water. I have a Fluval 303 Cannister filter with foam, biomax and carbon. I change the media as per the filter specs (carbon every six weeks, biomax every six months). This is subject to laziness as well and could go an extra week or so.

My water source has not changed to my knowledge, I add 1 tsp salt per 5 gal, chlorine remover (recently, this has been Stress Coat) and food for the plants. My pH is about 6.8, hardness is about 110 ppm.

Hopefully something in there means something to you.



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