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The word is getting out...................

Posted By: Martin Thoene <martin.thoene@lakenheath.af.mil>
Date: Friday, 17 September 1999, at 2:44 a.m.

Last month, I mentioned that this month's issue of Practical Fishkeeping would contain an article by Kathy Jinkins about the Clown Loach. I theorised about where I thought the research for the article would be done, based on the fact that she is the magazine's "Web-watcher". You see where this is going?

I've been guilty of scanning the excellent photograph's of Max Gibbs that PFK uses, and many are in the LOL species file. I received an E-mail from Steve Windsor, the Editor of PFK, asking if I could remind him if he'd given permission for thier use. I thought this a most pleasant way of embarrassing me, so sent an apologetic reply explaining that the usage was only to further the knowledge of Loach-lovers around the world and not for any commercial gain. I'm hoping that this was a satisfactory explanation, as the mail was ages ago, and I've recieved no reply.

Information, like the tides, flows in two directions, so I was pleased to see my theory about the Clown article vindicated when I purchased the magazine yesterday. Kathy's article is, despite the constraints of space and editing, the best article I've seen on Clowns, and covers certain details that you only find all together in one place...............RIGHT HERE!

Have you ever seen a mag article that covers, sleeping habits and the phsychological effect on new owners, temperatures that gives 86F as a good high (exactly what I and others have written on here),info on the fact that markings vary,the differences between Borneo & Sumatran, vegetables should be part of the diet, ick susceptability and the careful use of meds, and a detail I find significant....mention of graying out and what it means! The use of the spelling grAying in an English magazine, when we usually use grEy, is I believe more a nod to LOL than a concession to American sales of the Magazine. When I wrote the Colouration and Markings article, I specifically used the 'A' spelling because of the fact that it was the main one being used on LOL because of the high US citizen percentage level on here.

Congratulations to everyone on LOL, because this article (IMHO) shows how good this Website is when it's being used as reference material for International magazine's.............and Kathy, if you're reading this.......great article, and lovely Max Gibbs pics.......do you think Steve would let us use them?

Other stuff in the mag..........a (nasty) picture of an actual "Arfur fish" like I described in the Piranha thread.....a Piranha with the rear half of it's flesh eaten by it's tankmates.

An interesting article on fish shoaling habits. An article on Brian Walsh, who not only keeps fish, but does absolutely beautiful wood-carvings of them.

All the usual stuff, plus pond and Marine articles, and in the "Shop Tour" section, which covers Suffolk County (where I live) a picture of a REALLY unusually marked Clown (Third stripe has the front edge curved to form a border around a side-spot about twice the eye diameter, and the 1st stripe is virtually non-existant. This makes the eye very visible). The shop-tour includes 2 places I've not visited, so they're on my "must do" list.



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