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Re: Thoughts are good.

Posted By: BB <nettech@bellatlantic.net>
Date: Thursday, 16 September 1999, at 2:48 p.m.

In Response To: Thoughts are good. (Martin Thoene)

The ironic thing is the scientifc names are a way to specify and distingush individual species and the intricacies associated with them. A way for hobbyist from point "A" to talk and exchange information with hobbyist at point "B" if you will:) Will knowing the most current scientific name of a fish make you a better aquarist? ...I do not think so. Not directly anyway. Could be the one thing that allows you to exchange information with others. There is so much information you can asertain just by "seeing them". Body shape, mouth placement, fin arangement, presence or absence of barblels, shape of fins, eyes,...ect. In some cases importers deal in specific areas so the origin of the fish can be guessed. If you fimilarize yourself with the area via the web or an encyclopedia you can find seasonal temperature variations and all you ever wanted to know about the changes in the seasons and topography. As for specific water chemistry.... neutral is always a good start:) MOST fish are not soo delicate as to push up dasies on you if extremes are avoided I think. To think that water chemisty is constant year round from year to year is a mistake imho. When specific pH values are given it seems more likely to be an average of several sources of information or specic to the point in time where the species were captured. If you can not look at your fish and tell that somthing is amiss then better to follow the books eh;) What makes a good aquarist is someone who realizes they are not an expert, there is something to learn always, more then one way to do everything, keeps an open mind, and is not afraid to ask questions or share information I think. Dave may I borrow your suit now? Now I forget why I started this post.....:)

Oh yeah..Am I wrong in assuming that you are of the opinion that botia almorhae and botia lohochata are two distinct species? I follow the logic of the biodiversity of same species. I can not confirm this here as most look the same in any given shipment as pattern goes. Seems like this might just help further to indicate they were the same if you see both clasic and reticulated together. Does not do much to support the juvinile/adult theory tough:) I have a the thought that most of the "common" species such as the yoyo are not F1 but further removed and being tank raised. Either overseas or within the country. The shipping size and price semms to indicate something more economical with regards to thier distribution. If they know the secret to spawning fish it might be more economical to breed then collect. I seem to find more and more sites selling tank raised species every time I look:) Perhaps this is why there is less varation localy. I would image more consistency in tank raised stock.

Save me from my thoughts.. BB

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