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Kuhlis as Clown food....

Posted By: Niels Sampath <niels@lofgren.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thursday, 9 September 1999, at 3:24 p.m.

Hi folks!

I seem to have a rogue Clown loach.....as the biggest fish (3.5 inches) by far in my present tank he is the main suspect in a string of deaths. Had 2 small Kuhlis last year....found one chewed up, the other headless within 2 weeks. Tried a larger (tho still small for the species) Spiny Eel...all went well for 9 months until I went on holiday..came back and just some fins. Tried 2 Kuhilis again, same as first pair. I have read the business about clowns supposedly eating darios before breeding but I don't think a pre-seduction meal is the motivation here! I have had experience with inter-loach predation before when I lost a small skunk loach to a modesta...the skunks body had a big hole in it that was pretty well the same size as the modestas snout. ANd I believe th emodesta was responsible for `snout mark' light wounds on some of th eother loaches (think octopus sucker mark son the sides of sperm whales).

Anyway just wondering if anyone else has any experience and also providing a heads-up that small Kuhliis may not be safe with Botia that are much bigger than them (tho I jealously know Dave Guest has bred Kuhlis in a tank with Botia! )

Cheers, Niels

PS: thanks to Dave for tuning me onto this great site and hello to anyone who recognizes my name from my old Compuserve Fishnet days.

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